The world’s largest international fetish club returns to New York over Pride weekend for another legendary event! <br>Saturday Jun 24 10pm-3am <br> <br>Torture Garden New York is produced by both Faustian Society and Dances of Vice to bring you decadent cast of world-class provocateurs. <br> <br>Submit yourself to an experiment in hedonism designed to elevate and engage all of your senses in our opulent multi-level, multi-room vault, featuring an exclusive latex fashion show, BDSM playspace, international DJs, and provocative sideshow, burlesque, aerial and kink performances. <br> <br>Full lineup soon to be announced! Follow us on our social media for lineup updates. <br> <br>DRESS THE PART: Torture Garden is a fantasy clubbing experience. As such, fantasy or fetish attire is required for admission. Leather, Latex, Masked Ball, Corsets, Burlesque, Uniforms, Fantasy Dress, Venice Carnival, Moulin Rouge, Berlin Kabaret, Lingerie, and Costume Play is welcome. Guests in jeans or basic club attire will be turned away. If you are unsure, a black tie with a mask is acceptable. You may be refused entry at the door if you do not abide by our dress code, with no refund. Coat check and changing rooms are available.

Event date: 2023-06-24, Event Time: 22:00:00

 Ladies, Its that time for our Girls Night Out! you know how we do!! This is an event you don't want to miss! Get you outfits ready & lets go! <br> <br>Gracing the stage for this event, Suave El General (Co) Ms.Marley Monore(Va) Shadow (IL) The King of Mask HR Nations HellRazor(Ga) Lets not forget your Hostess of the Evening Ms. Promiss(Ga.) whew this line up gives me chills!
My Fantasy Fetish

Event date: 2023-06-03, Event Time: 20:00:00

 ASCENSION ♦ A JOURNEY INTO THE KINKIER SIDE OF MONTREAL <br> <br>Together, we celebrate the movers and shakers who, year round, keep the city’s alternative scene alive and well with their venues. We highlight these enthusiastic keepers of the fetish pride for an incredible journey into the kinkier side of Montreal! <br> <br>Since the very beginning, our aim has been and remains to bring you the best event and our team dedicates time, effort and vision to create a unique inclusive experience with extra care to you, our loyal attendees. The Montreal Fetish Weekend offers plentiful social opportunities where longtime friendships are rekindled and new ones will be made! <br> <br>Parties, workshops, shopping, dining, exploring our fabulous city (which in itself offers various more activities), photo walk, a fantasy ball, fashion, performances, outdoor fun, just to name a few! <br> <br>UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD <br> <br>Celebrating fetish, fantasy, fun and friendship in the world’s FETISH-FRIENDLIEST CITY, the Montreal Fetish Weekend is one of the largest international fetish gatherings. From latex to lingerie, leather, pvc, goth, lolita, pin-up, cross-dressing and cosplay; all alternative fashion is celebrated. YOU ARE THE STAR! <br> <br>LIVE YOUR FETISH <br> <br>As first time or repeat attendees you will feel at ease with our meet and greet cocktail offering social opportunities from the get-go. Sharing our passion lights up the moment making everyone truly special and unique. You will meet like-minded enthusiasts visiting from all over the world. <br> <br>We are a DIVERSITY ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY BASED EVENT and as such we welcome all genders, body types and orientation! We remain attentive to your needs and as such we always welcome your input! <br> <br>A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE AWAITS YOU
Montreal Fetish Weekend 2023

Event date: 2023-08-31, Event Time: 01:00:00

 Fetish Con: An Exciting and Unique Event in St. Petersburg, Florida <br> <br>Fetish Con is an annual event that takes place in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is one of the largest events of its kind in the world. This four-day event brings together people from all walks of life who share a passion for fetish fashion, art, and culture. It is an exciting and unique experience that offers attendees the opportunity to explore their interests in a safe and supportive environment. <br> <br>What is Fetish Con? <br> <br>Fetish Con is an annual event that began in 2001 and has since grown to become one of the largest fetish events in the world. The event brings together enthusiasts from all over the world to share their interests in fetish fashion, art, and culture. The event includes a variety of activities, such as workshops, demonstrations, fashion shows, and parties. <br> <br>The event is organized by Michael and Tessie, who are both experienced in the fetish scene and have a passion for bringing people together to celebrate their interests. They have created a safe and welcoming environment where attendees can explore their interests without fear of judgement or discrimination. <br> <br>What Can You Expect at Fetish Con? <br> <br>Fetish Con is a four-day event that offers a wide range of activities and events for attendees to enjoy. Here are some of the things you can expect to see and experience at Fetish Con: <br> <br>Workshops and Demos: Fetish Con offers a variety of workshops and demonstrations that cover a range of topics related to fetish culture. These workshops are designed to educate and inform attendees about different aspects of fetishism and provide a safe and supportive environment to explore their interests. <br> <br>Fashion Shows: One of the highlights of Fetish Con is the fashion shows. These shows feature some of the most exciting and innovative fetish designers from around the world. The fashion shows are a celebration of the creativity and artistry that goes into creating fetish fashion. <br> <br>Parties: Fetish Con also includes a variety of parties and events where attendees can socialize and connect with others who share their interests. These parties are a great way to meet new people, explore new ideas, and have fun. <br> <br>Marketplace: The marketplace at Fetish Con is a great place to find unique and interesting fetish items. Vendors from around the world come to sell their wares, and attendees can browse through a wide range of products, from clothing and accessories to toys and equipment. <br> <br>Is Fetish Con Right for You? <br> <br>Fetish Con is a unique and exciting event that offers a safe and supportive environment for people to explore their interests in fetish culture. If you are curious about fetishism or are already a part of the fetish community, then Fetish Con may be right for you. It is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn more about different aspects of fetishism, and have fun. <br> <br>However, it is important to note that Fetish Con is not for everyone. If you are uncomfortable with fetish culture or are not interested in exploring it, then this event may not be the right fit for you. It is important to approach the event with an open mind and a willingness to learn and explore. <br> <br>Fetish Con is an exciting and unique event that celebrates fetish culture and provides a safe and supportive environment for attendees to explore their interests. It is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn more about different aspects of fetishism, and have fun. If you are curious about fetish culture or are already a part of the fetish community, then Fetish Con is an event you won't want to miss.
Fetish Con 2023

Event date: 2023-08-10, Event Time: 01:00:00

 This will be a one of a kind audio/visual experience blending the worlds of anime and dubstep- with a dark twist ! ? <br>. <br>July 2nd at the beautiful @globetheatre_la in DTLA we will be featuring world class dubstep/edm artists including our spectacular headlining artist: @officialvirtualriot , supported by @hiimghostsound @tokyomachine @ghost_data and @jpeg01 ? <br>. <br>With DIESUKI! we wanted to create not just a show- but a full experience ✨The event will feature authethic anime artwork installations/visuals, themed photo areas for cosplay photos, alcoholic boba bar, demon maid cafe, themed vendors, and live performances including shibari, dancers and more! <br>. <br>VIP ticket holders will also have access to the ? Succubus Dungeon ? complete with its own set of DJs spinning dark dubstep all night long, cosplay photo areas, shibari shows, and play equipment to really bring the heat up a notch ?? <br>. <br>Tier 1 tickets go on sale at 11:11AM PST <br>this Saturday March 11th and tickets are LIMITED!!! So grab your tix to a truly unique experience you cannot find anywhere else! ? <br>. <br>ANIME. DUBSTEP. COMMUNITY. DIESUKI.
DIESUKI - Virtual Riot

Event date: 2023-07-02, Event Time: 20:30:00

 Gracing the stage for this event, Suave El General (Co) Ms.Marley Monore(Va) Shadow (IL) The King of Mask HR Nations HellRazor(Ga) Plus we have a special guest! Lets not forget your Hostess of the Evening Ms. Promiss(Ga.) whew this line up gives me chills!Ladies it’s your turn to have some Fun! Mark your calendar and bring all of your friends for an epic night of Fun! <br> <br>Whether you’re celebrating a Birthday, Bachelorette, Divorce, Dirty Thirty or your own Sheer Awesomeness, you don’t want to miss the most exciting ladies night out of the year! <br> <br>So Girls come MISBEHAVE in an empowering, fun-filled evening created just for you and embark on an unforgettable night of Fun & Excitement with Fantasy Fetish! <br> <br>After all, you deserve a night out with your girlfriends. So what are you waiting for!? <br> <br>Get Your Tickets Today!
My Fantasy Fetish

Event date: 2023-06-03, Event Time: 20:00:00

 Tickling <br> <br>Trampling <br> <br>Foot massage <br> <br>MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE, TWO FEET AT A TIME!
Footnight Chicago June 17, 2023

Event date: 2023-06-17, Event Time: 13:00:00

 Foot Fetish 101 <br>Foot fetishism, or podophilia, is a sexual attraction or arousal from feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism with up to half (depending on the study) of people surveyed finding some sexual gratification from feet. <br> <br>Class Description <br> <br>About the Presenter: <br>I am The OG Tierra Doll. 13 years of Experience. Sadist. Humiliatrix. Brat.Queen to Many, Mentor to few; Respected by All. Especially YOU.Hailing from Brooklyn, New York City; I moved to Atlanta 4 years ago on a New Quest to Dominate another City. <br> <br>KinkEd Atlanta: <br>KinkEd Atlanta is a once a month educational event hosted by Madam Jess, resident Dominatrix and Assistant Manager of Atlanta Dungeon. Hosted on the first Sunday of each month, guest presenters discuss various topics pertaining to BDSM, Fetishes, Kink. <br> <br>Atlanta Dungeon: <br>Atlanta Dungeon, is a collective of Independent Dominatrices, Who through Sisterhood, Community and respect for the quality of Professional Domination, have banded together to promote/provide a place for education, seminars, workshops, sessions, and numerous other Professional Dominatrix & lifestyle functions.
Foot Fetish 101

Event date: 2023-06-04, Event Time: 15:00:00

 Have you ever: <br> <br>Felt like something was missing in your sexual life? <br>Admitted that your fantasies don’t match up with your lived sexual experience? <br>Felt shame around your sexual desires? <br>Yearned to explore kink and BDSM but felt overwhelmed by the idea of getting started? <br>Join a therapeutic kink specialist and a professional Dom and kink educator on a wild ride into your deepest unspoken fantasies. During this two-day experience, you will feel as if the gates of your sexual unconsciousness have been unlocked like never before. This is an opportunity for you to be masterfully held as you ask yourself what turns you on, what turns you off and why. You will not only emerge with a profound understanding of your own desires but will also have the opportunity to embody your desires through four intentionally guided kink tastings. <br> <br>You will: <br> <br>Discover your instinctual primal being through primal play <br>Taste the full range of your body’s pleasure through sensation exploration <br>Feel the power to move energy through Impact Play and intentional impact scenes <br>Explore the erotic empowerment available through authority transfer (dominance and submission) <br>Make your fantasies a reality and invite others to join. <br> <br>Email for scholarship requests. <br> <br>Lunch will be provided on both days.
Embodied Kink

Event date: 2023-07-15, Event Time: 10:00:00

 Super Sexy Barefoot Models will by showing off their goods at the "Sunning Stunning Soles" Florida Footnight Party on Thursday, June 15th 2023.  <br> <br>  <br>- VIP Premium Ticket with Dedicated Table  <br>- Private Room Rentals  <br>- 15+ Beautiful Foot Models   <br>- Live Foot Fetish Sessions  <br>-Full Dinner Menu  <br>- Full Bar (Cash or Credit)  <br>  <br>  <br>PREMIUM Table Reservations:  4pm-12pm (Midnight) $135  <br>Early Bird Ticket 4pm-6pm  $50  <br>General Admission 6pm--12am $75  <br>  <br> <br>TICKET DISCOUNTS:  <br>25% OFF Before June 1, 2023  <br>10% OFF Before June 15, 2023  <br>  <br>Private Room Rentals Available: $10 for 20 minutes  <br> *Model rates are in addition to the rental fees.  <br>  <br>Model Rates Start at $20 for 10 minutes of foot play.  <br>  <br>  <br>Goldfinger Gentlemen's Club  <br>3801 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33351
Sunning Stunning Soles at Florida Footnight

Event date: 2023-06-15, Event Time: 16:00:00

 DIESUKI is now confirmed for Sunday, July the 2nd at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles. We are hosting the top dubstep DJ's including Virtual Riot headlining, as well as Hi I'm Ghost, Tokyo Machine and Ghost Data being on the bill. This is incredible line up and for ONE NIGHT ONLY.  <br> <br>DIESUKI - The Brand New Genuine Anime Experience Event by Faustian Society and Nachturnal L.A. <br> <br>DIESUKI is an interactive cosplay/anime driven rave event with a dark twist. We want to create not just a show but an experience. The event will feature authethic Anime artwork installations/visiuals, themed photo areas for cosplay photos, alchoholic boba bar, live shibari performance. For VIP ticket holders only they will have access to the Succubus Dungeon complete with Cosplay areas and BDSM equipment to create the firs REAL kink Anime event.  <br> <br>GA TICKETS:  <br> <br>Doors open at 9:30 PM <br>Access to DIESUKI <br>Full access to the Main Floor/Mezzanine/DJ's/ Boba Station/Photo Area/NO ACCESS TO THE DUNGEON <br>Must be 21+ to attend <br>All Sales are final <br>Please arrive early and help reduce wait time <br> <br>VIP TICKETS:  <br> <br>Doors open at 8:30 PM <br>Access to DIESUKI <br>Full access to the Main Floor/Mezzanine/DJ's/ Boba Station/Photo Area/ACCESS TO THE DUNGEON <br>Must be 21+ to attend <br>All Sales are final <br>Please arrive early and help reduce wait time
DIESUKI Los Angeles

Event date: 2023-06-02, Event Time: 20:30:00
Footnight New England June 10

Event date: 2023-06-10, Event Time: 15:00:00

 This event has a strict dress code — no exceptions. <br>We command the following attire: <br>HEAVY RUBBER OR LATEX <br>(no vinyl, spandex, wetlook or leather allowed!) <br>IF YOU’RE NOT WEARING RUBBER OR LATEX,  <br>YOU’RE NOT GETTING IN–PERIOD! <br> <br>We will have “shine slaves” keeping our crowd SHINY all event long. <br> <br>We’re doing a super-strict, special <br>limited capacity party in the <br>Solid Gold Pompano Bubble Room: <br>everyone shall wear <br>HEAVY RUBBER OR LATEX ONLY! <br>ONLY 200 TICKETS AVAILABLE! <br>Here at Fetish Factory, we like to promote <br>a safe, sane, and consensual environment <br>for all our kinksters.
FetishFactory Rubberist

Event date: 2023-06-10, Event Time: 22:00:00

 Foot Worship <br>Toe Tantalizing <br>Heel Worship <br>Trampling <br>Scissors <br>Smothering <br>Wrinkly Soles <br>Stinky Socks <br>Stocking and Pantyhose <br>This is the Best Foot Night Event in Florida! <br>THE PLACE to relax and enjoy multiple foot fantasies in one place! 11,000 sq ft! <br>CKJ Studio and La Intima VIP Club Open Areas, Semi-Private areas  <br>Food, Snacks and Cold Drinks/Water Included!!   <br>BYOB for other beverages! <br>*$25.00 Entry- FOOT VIP’s (Verified CLUB MEMBERSHIP) Stay till 2am <br>Standard Event Tix 6pm-10pm <br>*One Time INDIVIDUAL TICKETS $45 (advance purchase) <br>*$75.00 Walk-In DOOR PAY, Day of Event <br>BECOME AN ANNUAL  “FOOT VIP”  MEMBER INCLUDES: <br>4 ANNUAL EXCLUSIVE FOOT PARTY EVENTS ONLY $25.00 PER EVENT <br> <br>FIRST CHOICE OF BOOKING WITH MODELS <br> <br>STAY TILL 2AM <br> <br>FOOD AND Non-Alcohol BEVERAGES  <br> <br>ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP TO Jacksonville Lifestyle at CKJ
Footnight Jacksonville,FL June 24

Event date: 2023-06-24, Event Time: 18:00:00

 Friday, July 14, 2023 <br>6:00pm – 11:00pm (Ladies Free Friday) <br> <br>Saturday, July 15, 2023 <br>2:00pm – 10:00pm <br> <br>Sunday, July 16, 2023 <br>1:00pm – 6:00pm
EXXXOTICA Expo - Miami

Event date: 2023-07-14, Event Time: 01:00:00

 10 PM Saturday July 01, 2023 at Goldfinger Ultra Lounge hosted by Submission   -less
Submission Phantasmagoria

Event date: 2023-06-01, Event Time: 22:00:00

 This weekend was created as a love letter to the beautiful & diverse Chicago Fetish Community. <br> <br>The Chicago fetish community is as diverse as ever and includes Queer, Trans, BIPOC, Non-binary, Gay, Lesbian, asexual identities and more. Everyone in our community deserves to be heard and represented. <br> <br>This weekend was created by the Chicago Rubber Club & Chicago Leather Ambassador to be a love letter to the beautiful and diverse Chicago Fetish Community. Our community has evolved over the years, and we hope to continue that evolution with the creation of two new gender inclusive titles: Midwest Rubber & Chicago Leather Ambassador.
Chicago Fetish Weekend

Event date: 2023-07-21, Event Time: 01:00:00

 At SizeCon you can find many interactive events, like our Giant/tiny VR demos or Bodymorph Workshops where you can try on different rigs. One of our more creative events are our Size-themed Cafes where you are presented a show with kink themed (Giant, Giantess, tiny, Breast expansion…and maybe more to come?) performers and servers, alongside a light snack and a drink. Things really get steamy at night when our BDSM dungeon opens its doors, and the Con winds down with a clothes-optional pool party. In the past, other events included a dance party, movie screening and more!      <br>  <br>At SizeCon’s Vendor Hall, you can find Artists, Writers, Talent and other creatives who sell their own goods and services to fellow Size fans like yourself. At previous events, vendors have sold on-demand commissions of photo and video collaging, 2D/3D artwork and animation, erotic stories, custom videos, massages, roleplay sessions and much more!
SizeCon 2023

Event date: 2023-06-02, Event Time: 01:00:00

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