WELCOME TO BEYOND LEATHER15 "LEGACY" 2023 YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY ALL INCLUSIVE EVENT <br> <br>About this event <br>What does the weekend look like?  <br> <br>The event begins Thursday at 4:00 until Sunday at 4:00. There is always something for everyone.  <br> <br>50 Workshop Choices <br>27,000 sq ft of event space <br>3 Nights/2 Days Dungeon Play <br>3 Nights Hospitality Delight <br>Thursday Meet & Greet Poolside <br>Friday Night Opening Ceremony <br>Saturday FORMAL DINNER (meal plan required) <br>International Power Exchange Contest <br>Friday Night Cigar and Chocolate Social <br>Lube Theater Is Back <br>Burlesque Theater <br>Fire Show  <br>Sunday Littles & Pet Play <br>Sunday Pool Party and BBQ <br>ID & Minimum Age requirement: <br>Yes, you must be 18 or older to join us. Everyone is required to show picture ID to enter. This is required for two reasons: (1) to prove your age, and (2) prove your information when signing waivers. <br> <br>Do I bring my printed ticket to the event? <br>Yes, bringing your ticket on any device, is required! <br> <br>How's the parking options at the event? <br>The host hotel provides free wifi and parking. <br> <br>Contact the organizer with any questions. <br>Please contact us at beyondleather@gmail.com for all questions. We answer quickly and appreciate all questions! Thank you for your support!  <br> <br>Beyond Leather is a 4 day all inclusive, full immersion, premier adult alternative lifestyle event involving all aspects and modalities within the BDSM, fetish and kink communities and has something for everyone with 50 educational workshop choices on fetish/kink and power exchange relationships, novice - advance education series, edge play, blood sports, whips/paddles/skills area, bondage, sex and more, all by esteemed well known International presenters, four (4) outstanding theaters putting you on the edge of your seat either laughing or cringing, three (3) nights on site 27,000 sq ft private space that powers your darkest desire, three (3) nights hospitality delicacies to tempt your palate....and all at ONE amazing event.

Event date: 2023-05-18, Event Time: 13:00:00

 RIO DE JANEIRO | COPACABANA BEACH | PUNTA DEL ESTE | MONTEVIDEO | BUENOS AIRES <br>Imagine you and your partner on the seductive, sun-drenched beaches of Rio, with a caipirinha in hand and ready to kick off a stimulating adventure you will remember forever. Get ready to pop a cork with us and welcome 2023 on board the Desire Rio de Janeiro New Year’s Eve Cruise! <br> <br>For a full 8 nights and 9 days you and your partner will explore exotic shores, catch a glimpse of local celebrations, overindulge in holiday meals, all while witnessing the sights, sounds, and traditions of your surroundings. <br> <br>Additional to the already exciting itinerary, we will stay true to what we do by bringing our world-renowned entertainment on board. You can enjoy new erotic theme nights, couples’ workshops by field professionals, provocative pool parties, international DJs, exclusive performances, and much more seduction… <br> <br>The Desire Rio de Janeiro New Year’s Eve Cruise is an inclusive voyage where you will be treated to modern luxury. The Premium Beverage Package and five dining facilities, plus room service, are included for a stress-free voyage, in addition to luxurious staterooms and any world-class amenities you could possibly want or need. <br> <br>The Sensual Way to Sail Away…
Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruise 2022

Event date: 2022-12-30, Event Time: 01:00:00

 Refund Policy <br>Contact the organizer to request a refund. <br>About this event <br>— be a dog, a pony, or a piggy. ...a cat? a little wolf? a horsey! <br> <br>Just be obedient. <br> <br>#KINKY #PLAY #IMPACT #SENSATIONAL <br> <br>This is a 18+ event. <br> <br>#TaillorCollective   #ToEitherPleaseOrEducate <br> <br>Who are we? <br> <br>The Taillor Group is a collective of fierce femme-identifying Dommes headquartered in our beautiful residential dungeon in Bushwick. We are dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle and community, and offer a range of ways to be involved. <br> <br>What is this event? <br> <br>Our workshops are social, group gatherings that bring members of the BDSM community together in a playful and educational setting. Workshops generally run one hour long are intended to be spaces of learning, and practicing techniques honed in the class. Workshops are not open play-time (unless specifically stated otherwise). <br> <br>Where is The Crown located? <br> <br>In Bushwick, Brooklyn. Walking distance from the train. Exact address on confirmation page, and ticket after purchasing. <br> <br>DOOR TIMES: <br> <br>Doors for the event will open precisely 5 minutes before starting time and close precisely at 10 minutes after. Please arrive on time for all events. <br> <br>TICKETS: <br> <br>Participating Sub Ticket: to participate and be used. We welcome participating subs of all genders. <br> <br>Voyeur Ticket: only to watch. <br> <br>Participating Domme Ticket: For outside dommes, or dominant femme identifying folk who wish to try out what they learn in class. <br> <br>Single submissive attendees are especially encouraged to attend, as we use workshops to hone our techniques and better our craft as Dommes. We know you need us... desperately. But, we need you! <br> <br>Dress Code: <br> <br>CDUS (Clothed Dominant, Unclothed Submissive) encouraged. Cross-Dressing and fetishwear appreciated. <br> <br>GOOD TO KNOW: <br> <br>This event is 18+- The Taillor Collective plays SSC (safe, sane, and consensual) <br> <br>STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? <br> <br>Call or text us at +1 (347) 855 4877, or send an email to events@taillors.com <br> <br>NO REFUNDS
Sit & Stay — Taillor's BDSM Pet-Play

Event date: 2022-12-07, Event Time: 19:00:00

 XBIZ LA will unite stars, indie creators, webmasters, company execs and newcomer entrepreneurs for the most comprehensive look at the trends and issues shaping the future of adult entertainment, culminating with the 2023 XBIZ Awards.

Event date: 2023-01-07, Event Time: 01:00:00

 The flagship edition of XBIZ Retreat will host top pleasure product manufacturers and retail buyers for a week of curated private one-on-one meetings, networking socials and exclusive special events, including the annual XBIZ Honors ceremony and the 2023 XBIZ Awards.
XBIZ Retreat – Winter Edition

Event date: 2023-01-11, Event Time: 01:00:00

 X3 is the world’s biggest creator expo, featuring a tantalizing mashup of all things sexy, including scintillating interactive media, cinematic productions and pleasure-tech.
Xbiz X3 Expo

Event date: 2023-01-13, Event Time: 01:00:00

 The XBIZ Awards show will host it’s grandest extravaganza yet, uniting a who’s who from the business of pleasure to celebrate outstanding achievements across every facet of the multibillion-dollar industry, spanning movie production, pleasure products, technology and retail.
XBIZ Awards

Event date: 2023-01-15, Event Time: 01:00:00

 Florida Footnight Celebrates the Holiday Season with our "Under the Mistletoe" foot party on Thursday, December 15th 2022.  <br>  <br>Gather round the Christmas tree;  <br>let's share our favorite fetish with glee.   <br>  <br>Follow the lead of our pervert in command,  <br>Santa's the biggest stocking sniffing man!   <br>  <br>Don't be embarrassed it you like that too;  <br>come on over to take off a shoe or two.  <br>  <br>Smile, laugh and we'll all be jolly;  <br>have a blast with some barefoot folly.
Under the Mistletoe - Florida Footnight Christmas Party

Event date: 2022-12-15, Event Time: 16:00:00

 15+ Models (New and party favorites), <br> <br>2 floors of play spaces, swimming pool on site, free snacks, BYOB. <br> <br>Tickling, Foot Worship, Domination, Foot Massages, etc <br> <br>You will receive all of the event and location details after your registration has been completed
FootNight Las Vegas

Event date: 2022-12-10, Event Time: 16:00:00

 When: December 16, 2022 <br>Time 7pm to 10pm <br>VIP enters 30 min early (6:30pm)  <br>Where: Boston
FootNight BOSTON

Event date: 2022-12-16, Event Time: 19:00:00

 FootNight Orange County November 17, 2022 <br> <br>RSVP below to receive your ticket for entry. <br> <br>** Tickling ** Licking ** Trampling etc, <br> <br>Make Your Dreams Come True, Two Feet At A Time.
FootNight Orange County

Event date: 2022-12-08, Event Time: 19:00:00

 Ladies and Gentlemen, <br> <br>Newbies and Novices, <br> <br>Exhibitionists and Voyeurs alike… <br> <br>The World Famous Power Exchange invites you to come and check out one of the wildest adult clubs in the world! The Naughty New Year's Eve Ball is one of the best nights of the year to experience the Power Exchange! Masquerade masks will be provided free with entry if you dont have your own! Single in Male Attire entries will be limited on this night. Members and Eventbrite ticketholders will have priority entry.

 <br> <br>Saturday 12/31/22 - 9PM to 6AM


 <br> <br>DRESS CODE: <br> <br>
From a 3 piece suit to your birthday suit, costume, fetish-wear, and lingerie are encouraged! Come out and show off! Footwear is the only required item of clothing when walking around PE. <br> <br>For more information: <br> <br>CALL: 415-487-9944 <br> <br>TEXT: 415-651-3392 <br> <br>EMAIL: info@powerexchange.com <br> <br>www.powerexchange.com <br> <br>Power Exchange is a pansexual sex club open to all genders and orientations. All 3 Floors open to everyone! With paid entry, you will recieve a wristband that allows you in and out privilege until we close. Please see our website for our rules and member code of conduct.
26th Annual Naughty New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball!

Event date: 2022-12-31, Event Time: 21:00:00

 So excited to announce NACHTURNAL’S ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT!!!! December 10th at The Circle OC we will be celebrating an entire year of building the most incredible community with our badass crew of goth/industrial DJS, performers and vendors for our UNHOLY NIGHT theme!! <br> <br>We also have an EXXXTRA special “unholy” performance for this one from our very own co-founder of Nachturnal: NIKISKI NOIR!! <br> <br>We will be featuring 2 floors of DJS and dancefloors, extravagant shibari shows, impact scenes, epic vendors + SO much more! Check out the event page for all the details! <br> <br>To all of the players out there, even though this is a dance party; we also have high end dungeon equipment perfectly set up in its own separate area as well as in the VIP Area. There's plenty of room to dance on a proper dance floor upstairs and plenty of space to safely play in our dungeon area. <br> <br>Deejays: <br> <br>Dark Distruktion <br> <br>Grindhaus <br> <br>Scythe <br> <br>Gunblaid <br> <br>Jpeg <br> <br>Hosted By: <br> <br>Robert Frost <br> <br>Nikiski Noir <br> <br>Tattu Dolly <br> <br>Go Go Vamps: <br> <br>Nikiski Noir <br> <br>Tattu Dolly <br> <br>Chrome Girl <br> <br>Kitty <br> <br>Carl Rod <br> <br>D3v Sky <br> <br>Me To Play <br> <br>Shibari: <br> <br>Matt & Muse <br> <br>Impact Players: <br> <br>Rubix <br> <br>Nexus <br> <br>Photography By: <br> <br>Jpeg <br> <br>Music Genres: <br> <br>Industrial <br> <br>Aggrotech <br> <br>Noise <br> <br>Witch House <br> <br>Dark Electro <br> <br>Dub Step <br> <br>Dress Code: <br> <br>Fetish Glam <br> <br>Cosplay <br> <br>Anime <br> <br>Rubber/ Leather <br> <br>Pvc/ Vinyl <br> <br>Gothic/Punk/ Metal <br> <br>Sexy Lingerie <br> <br>Sponsored By: <br> <br>Wicked Chamber <br> <br>Shrine Clothing <br> <br>Spunk Lube <br> <br>Metal Envie <br> <br>Guilty Pleasures <br> <br>Lip Service <br> <br>Doors Open At 9pm <br> <br>Bottle Service <br> <br>21+ <br> <br>Free Parking <br> <br>No Camera phones as we have our in house photography team to captivate the night. <br> <br>Social Media & Videos: <br> <br>https://www.facebook.com/submissionsouthbeach/ <br> <br>https://www.instagram.com/submission_south_beach/ <br> <br>https://www.instagram.com/nachturnal_la <br> <br>https://www.instagram.com/submission2.0 <br> <br>https://submissionsouthbeach.net/welcome/ <br> <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqlxi7hgzn0 <br> <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaCDXAE-iu8 <br> <br>On Line $30 <br> <br>In Shops $30 <br> <br>At The Door $40 <br> <br>Physical Pre Sale Tixx for $30 cash can be purchased at The Wicked Chamber!! <br> <br>FREE PARKING - FREE PARKING - FREE PARKING - FREE PARKING
Nachturnal Events Presents " Our One Year Anniversary"

Event date: 2022-12-10, Event Time: 21:00:00


Event date: 2022-12-09, Event Time: 21:00:00

 Torture Garden, the world’s largest international fetish club is going to San Francisco. Following our several sold out landmark events that changed the fetish experience in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, now we're heading to San Francisco, at the historic venue, the Regency Ballroom for Halloween Weekend. Join us and celebrate Samhain and experience the most infamous performers from around the world, as well as international DJ's, BDSM playspace/dungeon, multi-level entertainment, roaming side show performances, aeiral, pole dancers and tantalizing entertainment. <br> <br>For complete lineup and amazing Hosts please follow us on our Social Media for updates: Torture Garden Los Angeles. <br> <br>Please note that there is NO REFUND for this event. <br> <br>CODES OF CONDUCT: <br> <br>We know that fans of our costume parties are no strangers to fantasy, but if this is your first time attending a fetish event, be sure to observe the following protocol: <br> <br>DRESS THE PART: Torture Garden is a fantasy clubbing experience. As such, fantasy or fetish attire is required for admission. Leather, Latex, Masked Ball, Corsets, Burlesque, Uniforms, Fantasy Dress, Venice Carnival, Moulin Rouge, Berlin Kabaret, Lingerie, Artistic Nudity and Costume Play is welcome. Guests in jeans or basic club attire will be turned away. If you are unsure, a black tie with a mask is acceptable. You may be refused entry at the door if you do not abide by our dress code, with no refund. Coat check and changing rooms are available. <br> <br>NO PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE DUNGEON: Guests are not permitted to take photos in the dungeon, even selfies. Violators will be removed and publicly scorned, and not in an exciting way. Official event photographers, identifiable by their photo badge, will be happy to take your photo if desired on the main floor ONLY. <br> <br>BE RESPECTFUL: We aim to create a safe space for attendees of all backgrounds and levels of experience. This means being willing to inform and welcome those who may be new and curious; but if you are new, don't gawk. As an adult event based on respect and consensual behavior, we have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of harassment, which includes lurking or touching another person or their property without consent. <br> <br>ASK QUESTIONS: Dungeon monitors will be present and available for any questions and safety concerns. We practice affirmative, EXPLICIT CONSENT. Yes means yes, no means NO. Assume nothing about another's gender, orientation, limits, and preferences. Wonderful things can happen to those who ask.

Event date: 2023-03-01, Event Time: 22:00:00

 Our quarterly Fetish & Fantasy night has arrived! Spice things up and wear your favorite fetish wear, latex, leather, harness, collar, boots, and heels that demand attention. <br> <br>-- <br> <br>Come early and enjoy a rope suspension demonstration that will start by 8:30pm. We will have stations throughout the club and toy tastings will be available for the curious. Voyeurs and players are welcome! There will be monitors throughout the club to assist guests throughout the evening. <br> <br>-- <br> <br>Guests of this event need to complete our fetish waiver prior to attending: https://forms.gle/qEj6g38tF486H8vX9 <br> <br>-- <br> <br>Single Women: $15.00 <br> <br>Couples: $70.00 <br> <br>Single Men: $85.00 <br> <br>Membership: Required <br> <br>*The only way to guarantee entry as a single man is to pre-purchase a ticket online* <br> <br>Couples arriving before 10pm save $10 off admission <br> <br>-- <br> <br>Club Privata hours of operation are 8pm–3am <br> <br>Last entry 1:30am <br> <br>3rd floor opens at 11:30pm <br> <br>-- <br> <br>All tickets available at the door or online. <br> <br>Visit clubprivata.com for more info and events.
Club Privata: Fetish & Fantasy

Event date: 2023-02-17, Event Time: 20:00:00

 Those looking for an edgier, more kinky burlesque experience can look forward to Safeword: an indulgent BDSM burlesque experience <br> <br>This production is combining the forces of two long-time staples of the scene: HoneyTreeEvilEye, the legendary Philly producer behind such shows as SlutChurch, Honeygasm andGet You a Babe Who Can Do Both, and Sara WithoutAnH, the creator of Cirque Noir andDecaDance. <br> <br>Showcasing the sensuality and luxury of burlesque- with a darker twist, Safeword will feature acts by gorgeous performers who are also experienced kinksters. Audiences can prepare for rope play, suspension, sharps, impact, wax, and much more. <br> <br>“Sara and I have performed together for over a decade,“ says HoneyTree EvilEye, who is known for her long-running and popular show SlutChurch, which combines metal music, kink elements, and goth aesthtic. “And we’re both very passionate about introducing people to kink in a safe and fun way. You don’t have to be into everything, it might just be interesting to watch. But we also love it when someone sees something on stage and it sparks a new fascination that they want to try themselves.“
Safeword: an indulgent BDSM burlesque experience

Event date: 2023-01-08, Event Time: 19:00:00

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