Scandalous Rose Productions is hosting the Wizarding World Fetish Ball.  <br>  <br>21+  <br>  <br>Dress Code Strictly Enforced: Wizarding World Themed Attire, Suits, Lingerie and/or Fetish Gear.  <br>  <br>A changing area will be provided for guests who need to change on premises.  <br>  <br>***Guests not arriving in appropriate attire will not be granted entry. Refunds will not be available during the event. Formal / Fetish attire is the minimum. Absolutely no jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, flannel, etc.***  <br>  <br>Come enjoy an evening of scandalous delights, including impact sensory and wax/ fire play area,. A dungeon will be set up for the curious and experienced alike.  <br>  <br>Bring your favorite toys. Dungeon Staff will be available for play and safety.  <br>  <br>VIP Experience includes: VIP area with reserved seating, pastry table, beverages. Event Pets to run drinks to / from the bar, a scandalous boudoir-style photo shoot with professional photographer, and a unique gift.  <br>  <br>VIP Couple Ticket: $75  <br>  <br>VIP Single Ticket: $50  <br>  <br>Couples Admission: $40  <br>  <br>Single Admission: $25  <br>  <br>Boudoir add-on: $25  <br>  <br>We are so excited to entertain you!

Event date: 2022-10-14, Event Time: 20:30:00

 Who: Foot fetishists & models <br> <br>What: Foot stuff of course! <br> <br>What happens: Boots, High Heels, Sneakers, flip-flops, stockings, socks, & bare feet <br> <br>Boot/shoe/sock/foot worship <br> <br>Used socks, stockings, and sometimes shoes for sale <br> <br>Foot tickling <br> <br>Foot foodplay <br> <br>Foot domination <br> <br>Trampling <br> <br>When: Saturday, Nov 12, 2022 · 7:30 PM – 1:00 AM (7pm for VIP) <br> <br>Where: Dallas, TX - Exact location will be e-mailed to registrants 2 nights before the event <br> <br>Dress code: Come as you are but good personal hygiene is greatly appreciated. <br> <br>How: RSVP at, pay in advance online to get discounted rates <br> <br>How much?: <br>Standard $50/$65/$75 <br>Early Bird Registration - must pay by 10/1- $50 <br>Register & pay online 10/1-11/11 $65 <br>Pay at the door $75 (adv registration still required) <br>VIP $150 <br>Must register and pay online by 11/11 <br>Virtual $50 <br>Must register and pay online by 11/11 <br> <br>Once inside it is $20 per 10 minutes OR $10 for 4 minutes of negotiated foot play.
Texas Foot Party 19

Event date: 2022-11-12, Event Time: 07:30:00

 WELCOME TO BEYOND LEATHER15 "LEGACY" 2023 YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY ALL INCLUSIVE EVENT <br> <br>About this event <br>What does the weekend look like?  <br> <br>The event begins Thursday at 4:00 until Sunday at 4:00. There is always something for everyone.  <br> <br>50 Workshop Choices <br>27,000 sq ft of event space <br>3 Nights/2 Days Dungeon Play <br>3 Nights Hospitality Delight <br>Thursday Meet & Greet Poolside <br>Friday Night Opening Ceremony <br>Saturday FORMAL DINNER (meal plan required) <br>International Power Exchange Contest <br>Friday Night Cigar and Chocolate Social <br>Lube Theater Is Back <br>Burlesque Theater <br>Fire Show  <br>Sunday Littles & Pet Play <br>Sunday Pool Party and BBQ <br>ID & Minimum Age requirement: <br>Yes, you must be 18 or older to join us. Everyone is required to show picture ID to enter. This is required for two reasons: (1) to prove your age, and (2) prove your information when signing waivers. <br> <br>Do I bring my printed ticket to the event? <br>Yes, bringing your ticket on any device, is required! <br> <br>How's the parking options at the event? <br>The host hotel provides free wifi and parking. <br> <br>Contact the organizer with any questions. <br>Please contact us at for all questions. We answer quickly and appreciate all questions! Thank you for your support!  <br> <br>Beyond Leather is a 4 day all inclusive, full immersion, premier adult alternative lifestyle event involving all aspects and modalities within the BDSM, fetish and kink communities and has something for everyone with 50 educational workshop choices on fetish/kink and power exchange relationships, novice - advance education series, edge play, blood sports, whips/paddles/skills area, bondage, sex and more, all by esteemed well known International presenters, four (4) outstanding theaters putting you on the edge of your seat either laughing or cringing, three (3) nights on site 27,000 sq ft private space that powers your darkest desire, three (3) nights hospitality delicacies to tempt your palate....and all at ONE amazing event.

Event date: 2023-05-18, Event Time: 13:00:00

 FP is teaming up with Las Vegas Foot Fetish to host a party in Vegas!  <br>  <br>Who: Foot/fetish models & foot fetishists  <br>What: Foot, footwear, and foot play party!!  <br>What happens: Foot play of course!  <br>  <br>When: Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022 · 7:30 PM – 1:00 AM (7pm for VIP)  <br>  <br>Where: Las Vegas, NV - Exact location will be e-mailed to registrants 2 nights before the event  <br>  <br>Dress code: Come as you are but good personal hygiene is greatly appreciated.  <br>  <br>How: RSVP at, pay in advance online to get discounted rates  <br>  <br>How much?:  <br>Standard $50/$65/$75  <br>Early Bird Registration - must pay by 9/3- $50  <br>Register & pay online 9/4-10/14 $65  <br>Pay at the door $75 (adv registration still required)  <br>VIP $150  <br>Includes early admission, 3 ten minute sessions, and a compilation video after the party.  <br>Must register and pay online by 10/14  <br>Virtual $50  <br>Must register and pay online by 10/14  <br>  <br>Once inside it is $20 per 10 minutes OR $10 for 4 minutes of negotiated foot play. Extended (20 min, 30 min, etc.) and multiple person sessions are fine if everyone involved agrees.  <br>  <br>Questions? Message Texas Foot Parties by e-mail only
Foot Fetish Party

Event date: 2022-10-15, Event Time: 07:30:00

 Creating a sacred and safe container to play in life. <br> <br>About this event <br>" I have no boundaries..." <br> <br>" I'm told to have boundaries, but I don't know where to start; I feel lost!" <br> <br>" I feel like my NO does not matter." <br> <br>" I feel manipulated, and I don't know how to stop it." <br> <br>" I'm getting triggered easily." <br> <br>" I am tired, drained, and exhausted; people keep taking advantage of me." <br> <br>Does any of this sound familiar? <br> <br>Do you remember the last time you felt triggered, frustrated, aggravated, disrespected, manipulated, powerless, or even violated because of a lack of boundaries? <br> <br>The lack of boundaries can impact, affect, or even destroy our: <br> <br>Wellbeing/Health <br> <br>Relationships <br> <br>Finances <br> <br>Sense of Self: self-value, self-esteem, and confidence. <br> <br>In the conscious practice of kink/BDSM, having clear boundaries and communicating them efficiently is truly critical to creating a sacred and safe scene for you and your partner/s. <br> <br>This workshop is designed for you to: <br> <br>- Get to know yourself even more, <br> <br>- Gain confidence, not just during kink play but in other areas of your life, <br> <br>- Become clear and aware of your limits, soft and hard, <br> <br>- Strengthen and embody your boundaries, <br> <br>- Heal any wounded area of your life where the lack of boundaries created pain and suffering, <br> <br>- Test your boundaries with others and make the proper corrections to strengthen them, <br> <br>- Discover your Kinky Boundaries in your relationships, play scenes with other kinksters, and with kink communities, <br> <br>- Couples, learn how to establish sacred and safe boundaries as a couple to expand your desires in kink exploration. <br> <br>Join us to create a sacred and safe space to explore our boundaries consciously and deliciously. <br> <br>✨✨✨✨✨ <br> <br>Questions and Answers: <br> <br>Is this event only for those who practice kink/BDSM? <br> <br>This workshop is for EVERYONE who is STRUGGLING with boundaries or has no idea where to start. <br> <br>Is there any nudity or sexual activities involved in this event? <br> <br>No, there is no nudity at this event. <br> <br>Is this event for singles only or couples only? <br> <br>This event welcomes couples and singles. <br> <br>What should I bring or wear? <br> <br>Bring comfortable clothes. <br> <br>Can I bring friends? <br> <br>Yes, please invite friends - the more the merrier! Remember, everyone has to be paired up. <br> <br>What if I cancel at the last minute, will I get my money refunded? <br> <br>No, we don't offer refunds because we have limited seating and your space could have gone to someone else. Thanks for understanding! <br> <br>I have another question, how should I reach out to you? <br> <br>We love questions, they help us to serve you better and create a fantastic experience. Email us at <br> <br>✨✨✨✨✨

Event date: 2022-10-14, Event Time: 19:00:00

 Submission Events Presents " Doomsday" on Saturday Oct 1st at our new home known as Stache. This is Our Annual Apocalyptic Themed Event so please dress the part. This beautiful venue is centrally located & has two floors. <br>One floor has two bars and an amazing dance floor with a beautiful stage. The second floor is a sexy library with plenty of seating. <br> <br>Music By: <br>Lindersmash <br>Lady Anime <br>Mr. Satan <br> <br>Performers: <br>Black Doll <br>Succubus Pup <br>Sapphire Snow <br>Electric Trish <br>Hell Cat <br>Meechi <br> <br>Fire Performer: <br>Serenity Lynn <br> <br>Hosted By: <br>Robert Frost <br> <br>Door Diva: <br>Tattu Dolly <br> <br>BDSM Equipment By: <br>LeatherLee N. Manning <br>Jara Gross- Fitzgerald <br>George Rickman <br> <br>Photography By: <br>Migs <br>Static Desires <br> <br>Dress Code: <br>Doomsday Gear <br>Cyber Punk <br>Fetish Glam <br>Cosplay <br>Rubber/ Leather <br>Pvc/ Vinyl <br>Gothic/Punk/ Metal <br>Sexy Lingerie <br> <br>Sponsored By: <br>Spunk Lube <br>Guilty Pleasures-Hollywood <br>Static Realms <br>Metal Envie <br> <br>$20 In Shops <br>$20 On Line <br>$30 At The Door <br> <br>The Fashion Police will be giving out $40 citations to those who aren't creative with the dress attire. Gents please dress the part as this isn't a Vanilla promotion unlike the rest of the world. <br> <br>Doors Open At 10pm <br>Happy Hour 10pm -11pm <br>21 & Over <br> <br>No teenagers please and If you like you could go to other like minded events that cater to 18+ so no kids please!!!!!!! <br> <br>No Camera phones as we have our in house photography team to captivate the night. <br> <br>Physical Pre Sale Tixx: <br>Guilty Pleasures-Hollywood <br>Mega Sex Emporium
Submission Party - Doomsday

Event date: 2022-10-01, Event Time: 22:00:00

 RIO DE JANEIRO | COPACABANA BEACH | PUNTA DEL ESTE | MONTEVIDEO | BUENOS AIRES <br>Imagine you and your partner on the seductive, sun-drenched beaches of Rio, with a caipirinha in hand and ready to kick off a stimulating adventure you will remember forever. Get ready to pop a cork with us and welcome 2023 on board the Desire Rio de Janeiro New Year’s Eve Cruise! <br> <br>For a full 8 nights and 9 days you and your partner will explore exotic shores, catch a glimpse of local celebrations, overindulge in holiday meals, all while witnessing the sights, sounds, and traditions of your surroundings. <br> <br>Additional to the already exciting itinerary, we will stay true to what we do by bringing our world-renowned entertainment on board. You can enjoy new erotic theme nights, couples’ workshops by field professionals, provocative pool parties, international DJs, exclusive performances, and much more seduction… <br> <br>The Desire Rio de Janeiro New Year’s Eve Cruise is an inclusive voyage where you will be treated to modern luxury. The Premium Beverage Package and five dining facilities, plus room service, are included for a stress-free voyage, in addition to luxurious staterooms and any world-class amenities you could possibly want or need. <br> <br>The Sensual Way to Sail Away…
Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruise 2022

Event date: 2022-12-30, Event Time: 01:00:00

 Explore 7 Uniquely Fetish Themed, Bars, Clubs, & Party Areas Showcasing Live Music & Entertainment, A Dozen DJs, Fire Dancers And More! <br> <br>About this event <br>The 2022 Fantasy Fetish Friday <br>This Fantasy Fetish Friday Event Will Surely Sell Out Fast! <br>So Get Your Tickets Early! <br>Click Here - FAQ's "What Is This Show Exactly?" <br>Join Us Friday, October 28th At 8pm for A Deliciously Fetish Night Full of Music, Amazing Costumes, Live Music, And Dancing! Explore All Of The 7 Uniquely Fetish Themed Bars, Clubs, & Party Areas… ALL While Enjoying Multiple Live Music, Interactive Demonstrations, Burlesque, Fire Performances, Live Dancers, And Sooo Much MORE! <br> <br>The 2022 Fantasy Fetish Friday Event is sure to be The Biggest & Wildest, 21 And Up, Fetish Theme Party on the East Coast! <br> <br>Don't Forget About The EPIC Fetish Fashion Show Followed by The Best Dressed Fetish Contest! We’re giving away Multiple Cash Prizes! Get Your Tickets Now And We Guarantee To Make it A Night You'll Never Forget. <br> <br>We Welcome A Bare As You Dare Attitude When It Comes To Costumes! Are You Ready To Party To A Whole New Level? There’s No End To The Excitement For Those Who Attend The 2022 Fantasy Fetish Friday Event. <br> <br>This is a Fully Costumed Event ~ There Is a Dress Code REQUIRED For Entry ~ No Effort = No Entry, No Exceptions! <br>Dress Code: FETISH ATTIRE OR ALL BLACK <br>Fetish Attire Includes But Is Not Limited To: Latex, Leather, Rubber, PVC, Cosplay, Rope, Chain Mail, Drag, Puppy, Kilt, Steampunk, Victorian, Goth, Uniform, Burlesque, Corset, Formal, Pin-Up, Burner Beautiful, Furries, And More . . . Be Kinky, Be Creative, Be Sexy! This Is Also A Safe Environment In Which You Can Experiment With Gender Play. Cross Dressing And Drag Are Always Welcome. <br>All Black Means: You Must Have All Black Attire On <br> <br>Important Facts About The #2022FFE: <br>- You Must Be 21 Or Older To Enter The Event! <br> <br>- You Must Have A Valid ID Or Passport To Enter The Event! <br> <br>- You Must Be In Fetish Attire Or All Black Attire To Enter The Event (No Effort=No Entry) <br> <br>- Parking: $10 Per Vehicle For The Entire Duration Of The Event <br> <br>- All Purchases At The Event Are CASH ONLY! (Multiple ATMs Available Onsite) <br> <br>Discount Ticket Outlet Locations: <br>Discount Tickets At The Outlets Will Remain Lower In Price Compared To Online Tickets. <br> <br>Outlets WILL Sell Out And The Tickets Are On A First Come First Serve Basis! <br> <br>Locations Will Be Revealed Right Here Very Soon! <br> <br>Drop Off Gate Entry Tickets Are The Perfect Ticket Type! <br>Here's Why: <br> <br>With A Drop Off Gate Entry Ticket, You Enter The Event Directly Inside The Party, Right In Front Of The Castle! <br>With A Drop Off Gate Entry Ticket, There's No Extra Walking Required To Get Checked In! <br>With Drop Off Entry Tickets, You Also Save The $10 Parking Fee <br>Drop Off Gate Entry Tickets Are Accepted ONLY At The Drop Off Gate Entrance! <br>The Drop Off Gate Entrance Address: 6000 Kersey Valley Rd. Jamestown NC 27282 <br>***Please NOTE: If You Enter Through The Main Gate Check-In With A DROP OFF ONLY ENTRY TICKET, There Is A $15 Fee To Do So.*** <br>Please Read The DROP OFF Ticket Description & Rules PRIOR To Making Your Purchase! <br>Exclusive Private Lounge Add-On <br>Exclusive Private Lounge With Food Bar Add-Ons Are Available Online Only. <br>Exclusive Private Lounge Tickets Begin At $39. <br> <br>Join The Red Dragon Club <br>You Can Join The Red Dragon Club Online Only. <br>Membership Is Renewable Annually From The Date You Join. <br> <br>Combo Tickets SAVE $$$!! <br>If You Plan To Attend Both Friday, Oct 28th & Saturday, Oct 29th Events, You Can Save $$$! If You Buy Combo-Tickets Online, You Save More and Avoid The Ticket Lines At Both Events.
2022 Fantasy Fetish Friday

Event date: 2022-10-28, Event Time: 20:00:00

 About this event  <br> <br>The Devil’s Ball is an adults only Halloween party where entertainment takes center stage- freak show, burlesque, goth DJ, vendors, & more… <br> <br>? The Devil’s Ball 2022?  <br>  <br>Join us for an adults only Halloween party where all things fetish, sideshow, and burlesque take center stage.  <br>  <br>✨Pain Proof Punks sideshow is headlining this one night only event!  <br>  <br>✨Spooky burlesque from @dontblinkburlesque  <br>  <br>✨ Dj Khaine  <br>  <br>✨Over 20 vendors selling oddities, spooky, fetish merchandise  <br>  <br>✨fetish demos  <br>  <br>✨Tattoo artists and piercers on site, first come first served  <br>  <br>✨full bar and food trucks  <br>  <br>✨reverse baptisms  <br>  <br>All guests are encouraged to dress in Halloween costume or latex. There will be many photo ops throughout the event.  <br>  <br>This is a presale ticket event only since we are capping the event at 350 guests. All guests must be 21+ and this is strictly enforced. IDs are checked before entry. If you purchase a ticket and aren’t 21+, we cannot refund you. Event has full security inside and out and guests will be escorted back to vehicles to ensure safety.
The Devil’s Ball Halloween Festival

Event date: 2022-10-08, Event Time: 19:00:00

 Erotic Pleasures with Fetish Friday <br> <br>About this event <br>The most sexiest erotic party in Dallas is coming for Fetish Friday Oct 21st 7p-11p at the Urban Arts Center in Dallas. <br> <br>Come out and enjoy your most freakiest fetish..Naked body paint models, pole dancers, erotic poetry & singers and lingerie models, Fetish vendors, drink, food and more. <br> <br>What’s your FETISH? <br> <br>$10 Entry or $20 at the door day of <br> <br>$25 VIP (1 Entry -1 Drink Ticket and Fetish Gift) $50 at door day of
Erotic Pleasures - Dallas TX

Event date: 2022-10-21, Event Time: 19:00:00

 Fort Worth’s newest burlesque show! <br> <br>About this event <br>Body Positivitease is a monthly burlesque and variety show, every 2nd Friday! <br> <br>We believe that burlesque and performance art, are for EVERY. Body. We celebrate all bodies and identities and always have two amazing shows packed with fun and sexy entertainment! <br> <br>We have two completely different shows so be sure to come at 8 and stay for the late night party at 10:30, with a combo ticket!
Body Positivitease presents Burlesque After Dark

Event date: 2022-10-14, Event Time: 20:00:00

 Wizard of Erotica <br> <br>About this event <br>Let us take you through a naughty fairytale of seduction and lust this October! <br> <br>Come dressed up for a door prize <br> <br>1 free house drink for each ticket purchased
Leather & Lace Entertainment

Event date: 2022-10-22, Event Time: 19:30:00

 Colorado’s best and longest running Halloween event will be returning to Boulder for a night full of decadence, desire and fun. <br> <br>About this event <br>Exotica Erotica Ball <br> <br>Awesome Adult Themed Masquerade Halloween Party with Risqué Interactive Entertainment! <br> <br>Explore your Wildest Fantasies and Dirty Little Secrets! <br> <br>Sunday, October 31st – On Halloween Open 9:00pm – 2:00am <br> <br>The Riverside 1724 Broadway, Downtown Boulder, CO 80302 <br> <br>Colorado’s best and longest running Halloween event will be returning to Boulder for a night full of decadence, desire and fun. Join in on Colorado’s Biggest and Best annual Adult themed event of the year and one of the top masquerade parties in the country. Come play at this spectacular hedonic Halloween Party with people in naughty costumes at a wild, carnal dance party fueled by the music of multiple DJs. Explore your Wildest Fantasies and Dirty Little Secrets at this Halloween spectacular that features an outstanding array of provocative live entertainment from several amazing performances in conjunction with a Sexy Masquerade Party. This Halloween extravaganza will titillate and tempt you with a variety of sexy entertainment acts including burlesque, aerialists, kink & fetish stations, our headliners The Jezzebelles and many other talented guest performers bring you lots of Kinky surprises! <br> <br>The Riverside is a unique indoor and outdoor venue with multiple spacious party rooms in a stunningly beautiful downtown building with Boulder’s only tiered scenic patio along the Boulder Creek. Costumes are required and Risqué Attire is strongly encouraged. Join the fun at this Awesome Adult Themed Masquerade Party with risqué interactive entertainment. Get your tickets now before they sell out. <br> <br>21 and up – No refunds <br> <br>Details at
Exotica Erotica Ball

Event date: 2022-10-31, Event Time: 21:00:00

 *Doors open for Kinky cocktail meet and greet from 7pm to 8pm *Doors open to the public (18+ with valid ID) from 9pm-1am. <br> <br>About this event <br>**Must wear either a costume or mask** <br> <br>**Must 18+ with valid ID** <br> <br>*Active duty and veteran get 50% off at the door on the day of the event <br> <br>-Photo booth will be available <br> <br>-Costume judging contest(best in fetish, masquerade mask, and in normal halloween) <br> <br>-$1000 worth of prizes <br> <br>** Please call (325) 998-8936 for table reservations ** ($200 includes the entry ticket for all 8 guests) <br> <br>***MUST HAVE ID WITH THE NAME ON THE PURCHASED TICKET APON ENTRY**
Fetish & Fantasy Masquerade Ball

Event date: 2022-09-29, Event Time: 19:00:00

 Trick or Treat?! It's time for our annual Haux-lloween Show! Join us at THE Interactive Adult Play Date, Taste.Touch.Feel.  <br>  <br>About this event  <br>It's our favorite Hauxliday, Haux-lloween!  <br>---- This time in Baltimore during Blaq Pride Month!  <br>  <br>From 8-11pm, enjoy top-teir, burlesque and specialty performances, k i n k edutainment, interactive games, and plenty of surprises sure to thrill your senses.  <br>  <br>**Taste.Touch.Feel is accessible! The 8-11pm show now includes ASL Interpretation.  <br>  <br>  <br>We're having a Costume Ball! (Get Creative Hauxmies!)  <br>  <br>THE CATEGORIES ARE:  <br>  <br>1. Alien Superstar - most unique, intergalactic freak  <br>  <br>2. Fetish Faerie - whimsy, kinky, faerie hauxs  <br>  <br>3. Best Couples Costume - periodt.  <br>  <br>Each category will be limited to 8 participants.  <br>  <br>Adult Play Date After Party [11pm - 2am]  <br>  <br>Spend the night with us at THE Adult Play Date After Party for mingling and a night of no inhibitions. Enjoy spontaneous performances, play with your lover(s), or be a voyeur while the music plays! Shhh! What happens at the After Party stays at the After Party. It's our little secret.  <br>  <br>This Haux-lloween After Party will include some spicy new additions TBA!  <br>  <br>Bring your lover(s) and bring your friends. This is a Haux party you don't want to miss!  <br>  <br>Be sure to RSVP on FB and invite your Hauxmies!  <br>  <br>-------------------------  <br>  <br>This show is at The Baltimore Playhouse, an alternative lifestyle club. No cameras or cell phones are allowed in the venue aside from the photographers and videographers involved in production.  <br>  <br>This venue has a dry bar ONLY. Alcohol is not permitted in the space.  <br>  <br>--------------------------  <br>  <br>NO REFUNDS - Only a transfer ticket to future Haux Hive Productions
Taste.Touch.Feel: Haux-lloween

Event date: 2022-10-29, Event Time: 19:30:00

 House of Yes presents Creature, Be the beast. Bare your teeth. Release the raw realness. Be a creature of your own creation Halloween <br> <br>About this event <br>Flawless claws, brilliant bites, flesh and fantasy unfold in the wild of the night. Unleash your ferocious freedom through mythical, monstrous movement. Witness the shadows of your spirt shift as you indulge in the divine deviance of dance magic. <br> <br>: : : LOOKS : : : <br> <br>Feather, furry, fierce as fuck. Scales, spines, skin and bone. Hybrids and high style. Chimera and carnivorous couture. Inspired insects. Teeth, claws, paws. Create your creature. Feline fusion fetish, glamour and gore. Beauty and beast.  <br> <br>? Dress to impress: we’re having a costume contest runway with * cash prizes*! ? <br> <br>: : : MUSIC : : : <br> <br>Justin Jay <br> <br>Anna Morgan <br> <br>: : : EXPERIENCES : : :creature cuddle puddle · beast babe beauty parlor · claw massage station · fierce fashion photo booth · slithering circus tricks · masters of dance <br> <br>21+ | No Re-Entry <br> <br>YES, we have tables!- contact to book yours ? <br> <br>Subscribe to our email list for first access to events & tickets: <br> <br>* * * SAFER SPACES POLICY * * * <br>House of Yes is a space for everyone to feel welcome. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, unwanted touch, and discrimination. Always ASK before touching anyone at our events. If someone is making you uncomfortable, speak to a security guard or ask for a manager. We will believe you, and we will help. All restrooms in our venue are gender neutral. The entrance to the venue is ADA accessible. Strobe lights are used during performances and parties. Find out more at
CREATURE with Justin Jay | Anna Morgan

Event date: 2022-10-22, Event Time: 22:00:00

 The filthiest show on Earth! <br> <br>About this event <br>BONER BIZARRE is an XXXtreme erotic variety show featuring filthy performance art, pole dancing, neo-burlesque, aerials, contortion, sideshow, fire breathing, rope bondage, fetish play, comedy, drama, and all things PERVERSE, GROTESQUE, and SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE. In other words, John Waters's bachelorette party set amidst the back alleys of Amsterdam's Red Light District. <br> <br>Hear ye, hear ye, Bonerz! This season we are pleased to bring you MEDIEVAL CRIMES–-a spooky fall tribute to the carnage of living in medieval times in the year 2022! We invite royals, plebeians, wenches, and sinners to toast their mead in tribute to all things MEDIEVAL TORTURE and FANTASY! ALL HAIL BONER BIZARRE! <br> <br>With unforgivable acts by Ginger Snaps, Lucy Fur, Kateastrophe & Hans Ferdinand, Obsidian & Winged Creature, The Chrome Cabaret, Vicious Venus, Briana Mazzio, Ladie Marionette, A Symmetry, FiFi Switchblade, Juan Martinez, Azúcar, Shelbi Aiona, Zoja Exotica, Ooh La La, MK Ultra, Lilith Allure, Villanelle, Becca Strong, JoJo Jezebel & Flora Fuego, and more! <br> <br>Come witness a show unlike anything you've EVER SEEN BEFORE--the spectacle that can only be BONER BIZARRE! <br> <br>Hosted by Snake Tits & Chris Turpen. Photography by Patrick Rusk. Videography by Jacob Berardi. <br> <br>18+. Doors at 8pm. Show at 9pm.
Boner Bizarre: Medieval Crimes

Event date: 2022-10-22, Event Time: 21:00:00

 FootNight Orange County October 6, 2022 <br> <br> <br>** Tickling ** Licking ** Trampling etc, <br> <br>Make Your Dreams Come True, Two Feet At A Time. <br> <br>**Discreet **INVITE ONLY **BYOB ** Snacks Provided ** Semi Private Play Spaces.
FootNight Orange County

Event date: 2022-10-06, Event Time: 19:00:00

 The next Florida Footnight is on the board, get your tickets now to beat the horde.  It's that Halloween time of year, so don a costume and spread the cheer.  We're celebrating two birthdays instead of one, come on out and enjoy the fun.  Mark your calendars to make this meet, order delicious wings and enjoy sexy feet.
Florida Footnight Halloween Party - October 20, 2022

Event date: 2022-10-20, Event Time: 16:00:00

 Submission Events Presents " A Nightmare Before Halloween" on Saturday October 22nd at Stache. This is Our Annual Halloween Event and we expect everybody to be in costume. This beautiful venue is centrally located & has two floors. <br> <br>Music By: <br>Danny Bled <br>Lindersmash <br>MR. Satan <br>Alessa <br> <br>Performers: <br>Black Doll <br>Succubus Pup <br>Sapphire Snow <br>ElecTrish <br>Okami Moon <br>Hell Cat <br> <br>Fire Performer: <br>Serenity Lynn <br> <br>Hosted By: <br>Robert Frost <br> <br>Door Diva: <br>Tattu Dolly <br> <br>BDSM Equipment By: <br>LeatherLee N. Manning <br>Jara Gross- Fitzgerald <br>George Rickman <br> <br>Photography By: <br>Migs <br>Static Realms <br> <br>Dress Code: <br>Halloween Costumes <br>Fetish Attire <br>Gothic wear <br> <br>Sponsored By: <br> <br>Spunk Lube <br>Guilty Pleasures-Hollywood <br>Static Realms <br>Metal Envie <br> <br>$20 In Shops <br>$20 On Line <br>$30 At The Door <br> <br>The Fashion Police will be giving out $40 citations to those who aren't creative with the dress attire. Gents please dress the part as this isn't a Vanilla promotion unlike the rest of the world. <br> <br>Doors Open At 10pm <br>Happy Hour 10pm -11pm <br>21 & Over <br> <br>No teenagers please and If you like you could go to other like minded events that cater to 18+ so no kids please!!!!!!! <br> <br>No Camera phones as we have our in house photography team to captivate the night.
A Nightmare Before Halloween

Event date: 2022-10-22, Event Time: 22:00:00

 The World Famous Power Exchange invites you to check out one of the wildest adult clubs in the world, on the best night of the year! <br> <br>About this event <br>26th Annual Naughty Halloween Ball <br> <br>Ladies and Gentlemen, <br> <br>Newbies and Novices, <br> <br>Exhibitionists and Voyeurs alike! <br> <br>The World Famous Power Exchange invites you to come and check out one of the wildest adult clubs in the world! The Naughty Halloween Ball is the best night of the year to experience the Power Exchange! PE will be giving one of a kind merchandise away, as well as everyone will receive passes for future entry! Dont miss out on some awesome gear, with an even better experience! Single in Male Attire will be limited to 100 entries total, so dont wait to get your tickets! <br> <br>Saturday 10/29/22 - 9PM to 6AM <br> <br>ALL 3 FLOORS WILL BE OPEN TO EVERYONE! <br> <br>DRESS CODE: <br> <br>Single in Male Attire will be required to be in costume, or will be denied entry! From a 3 piece suit to your birthday suit, costume, fetish-wear, and lingerie are encouraged! Come out and show off! <br> <br>For more information: <br> <br>CALL: 415-487-9944 <br> <br>TEXT: 415-651-3392 <br> <br>EMAIL: <br> <br> <br> <br>Power Exchange is a pansexual sex club open to all genders and orientations. All 3 Floors open to everyone! With paid entry, you will recieve a wristband that allows you in and out privilege until we close. Please see our website for our rules and member code of conduct.
26th Annual Naughty Halloween Ball

Event date: 2022-10-29, Event Time: 21:00:00

 About Sex Expo <br>Dubbed the CES of sexual wellness, Sex Expo is a one-of-a-kind event dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations in pleasure products and sexual health. <br> <br>From cutting-edge product demonstrations to presentations from industry thought leaders, Sex Expo offers an inclusive environment for the discovery of advances in sexual health and wellness.
Chaturbate SEX EXPO

Event date: 2022-10-01, Event Time: 14:00:00

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