Porn star fired from massage job after boss walked in on her offering client extras

Nicole Doshi was "banned" from OnlyFans after offering a sex raffle with subscribers, and now she has admitted that she was also fired from a previous job after her boss made an awkward discovery

An adult star has revealed how she was fired from her job as a masseuse when her boss found out that she had started offering additional services to her clients.

Nicole Doshi moved from China to the US, and tried her hand at a variety of careers including estate agency and working as a masseuse before finding success as an adult model.


Speaking recently on the No Jumper podcast, Nicole told viewers that she had been banned from OnlyFans after offering a “sex raffle” for subscribers.

And, following up the chat in an episode of the Plug Talk podcast, the adult performer admitted that she had also been fired from a previous job, when she went beyond what was required of her as a masseuse.

Despite eventually being fired for her antics, Nicole stressed that there was nothing seedy about her workplace, noting: “It was just a normal massage place.

“When I got hired it was a facial place, so basically a beauty salon. The boss hired me as a masseuse, just giving out massages for women.”

But, when her female clients failed to tip her well for her work, Nicole came up with an idea to make more money out of her job as a masseuse.

She continued: “So I started walking downstairs. New York City streets are constantly busy, people are passing by all the time.

“I was just standing downstairs handing out business cards to men.”

“I had my trick. I was like, ‘hey sir, do you want a massage from me?’ so I got a whole bunch of guys coming in and I gave them massages.”

The adult performer didn’t have intentions of taking things any further, but remembered that one encounter with a male client had made her consider offering additional benefits during her massage service.

"One day the guy started touching me on my legs, I'm like, 'oh what are you doing?'" she remembered.

"And then he didn't say anything, he just turned around and gave me an action [mimicking an X-rated gesture] and I was like 'are you paying me?'"

And, Nicole explained that this didn’t get her in trouble until almost a year later.“It takes like eight or nine months until the owner finally realised I was doing something… he walked in on me,” she admitted. Source: Dailystar